Humankind faces the imminent threat of self-destruction due to the psychological monsters lurking in the collective psyche. Vijaya, a graphic designer, living in 22nd century, possesses a unique ability – constant access to the mysterious dimension of collective psyche. However, her encounters within this realm appear as puzzles that she struggles to decipher. The enigmas can be resolved by a professor in Psychology living in 21st century.

The fate of humankind rests in their hands as they embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment, in a race against the darkness that threatens to consume humanity.

©Stefania Dimitrova – author

I am deeply grateful to the great artist Gerald McDermott for granting me the rights to use his image in 2005, which eventually became the cover illustration for this book  Stefania Dimitrova

Illustration copyright © 2003 by Gerald McDermott

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